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View and rate some of the best implementations of Flat, from integrations to incentivizations.

On this page you'll find a wide variety of sites that implement Flat and the Web Monetization API. Each site has its own rating determined by other members of the Flat community using the Flat Chrome Extension. Here you can visit these sites, or view additional information and statistics on each site. You may submit your own rating by visiting the site and selecting an option with the Flat Chrome Extension.

In the event that you visit a site that has payments enabled through the Web Monetization API and it is does not have an entry on Flat, you may choose to add it through the Flat Chrome Extension as well. Adding a site to Flat is necessary in order to rate it.

NOTE: Rating down a site will end payments from your Flat Extension.

To help other users get the gist of what a payment-enabled site may be about, you may submit tags to serve as shorthand descriptors of a site listed here on Flat. This can be done using the extension when visiting said site.


Browse integrations of Flat and the Web Monetization API.

Ratings start with a neutral value of 0. High positive values represent how interesting, reputable, or entertaining the site may be. Negative values indicate the opposite about a site - that it is of poor quality, not worth the time, or even malicious. Be sure to rate sites and help the community out!

scoreSite Domainauthor
144sharafian.comsharafian.meView Site Info
59sharafian.mesharafian.meView Site Info
2photos.sharafian.comPremium Photo GalleryView Site Info
1videos.sharafian.comSecond Person Pronoun TubeView Site Info
0206.189.65.45:3000Web Monetization Air HockeyView Site Info
0159.89.137.71:3000ILPredditView Site Info
0167.99.99.158:8081167.99.99.158:8081View Site Info
-945justmoon.comStefan ThomasView Site Info